As a modern private client practice, we thrive on the strong and long-lasting relationships we maintain with our clients during all stages of life, which include the more difficult ones too. Before and during the growth their families, we ensure prenuptial agreements, cohabitation, surrogacy and civil partnerships are in place to protect families from an unfortunate and dangerous breakdown which would be priceless to the family legacy. When the time has come for a partnership to end, we will ensure our clients' assets are safeguarded while protecting their children, the family's reputation, their businesses and the well-being of the family unit as a whole. 

Our approach to family practice is a peaceful and unified approach while we are also capable and wiling to litigate fiercely to protect our clients and their family. Our wider-team consists of specialists and consultants who advice and assist on a wide range of additional services. We encourage our clients and educate them constantly on the importance of protecting their family legacy, their fortune and the well being of the family unit.